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Pet Wellness Exams Algonquin, IL

At Animal Care Clinic of Fox Valley, we put an emphasis on annual wellness exams. These appointments help us keep up with your pet through all stages of their lives, and allows us to create a baseline of health for them. At these appointments, we’ll do a full nose-to-tail exam and make sure our pet is up-to-date on vaccines and parasite preventives.

What To Expect:

We know a trip to the vet can be stressful for your pet, but we work hard to make sure you both leave with a smile on your face. We follow all AAHA protocols for our pet wellness checkups which also include annual blood testing and vaccinations. During the exam, we’ll focus on:

  • Your pet’s eyes, nose, mouth, and teeth
  • A full check of your pet’s skin and coat
  • Check for any issues with your pet’s limbs and joints
  • Create a baseline for heart rate, weight, temperature, and respiratory rate
  • Discuss your pet’s diet and lifestyle
  • Make sure your pet is on a proper exam and vaccine schedule

We Provide Senior Pet Wellness, Too

Senior pets are important to us, and of course to our clients. We provide full physical exams for senior animals and go over what to expect as our four-legged friends begin the aging process. We are able to set up a monitoring plan for each animal to aid in early detection of age-related changes or illness. This is a good time for clients to ask questions about senior life for their pet. Senior pets need special care that includes semi-annual exams and diagnostics that will monitor and detect problems early – keeping those golden years golden.

Get To Know Our Pet Wellness Plans

Our pet wellness plans were created to help you keep up with your pet’s healthcare without breaking the bank. These plans are comprehensive and can be paid for in low monthly payments.

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